Graeme Yeandle’s Text Adventure Page

"Once in a while, a product comes along to revolutionise the whole microcomputer scene. The Quill is one such, and will change the face of microcomputer adventure." Micro Adventurer Nov 1983.

History of The Quill and PAW.

Interview with Jacob Gunness

Text Adventures

Here are some text adventures (in order of difficulty) that were originally written for the Sinclair Spectrum.

Ticket is a very simple adventure (5k).

Timeline is the first adventure I wrote (6k).

Magic Castle is a slightly more difficult adventure (9k).

Tewk is a demo adventure (8k).

To run any of these you will need any IBM compatible PC (a 386 will do) and the Adventure Interpreter (45k). Download the interpreter and the adventure to the same directory/folder and run it from DOS e.g. "pawint castle" or "pawint castle 40".

PC Adventure Writer (PAW)

If you want to try writing your own text adventure games you can try PAW (101k) which includes the Adventure Interpreter and the source code for Ticket and Tewk. There are two manuals to accompany PAW, the Introduction, which includes instructions on writing Ticket and the Technical Guide. Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for adventure writers.

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